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Manoj Bhargava, inventor of the 5-hour Energy energy drink, is using his great fortune to help solve the energy crisis. By pedaling on your Free electric bicycle for an hour, a person can generate enough energy for the basic needs of a humble home for a whole day.

A bicycle specially designed so that the three billion people who do not have access to electricity in the world, an invention so that they can enjoy it in a sustainable way.
How Free electric works

It has the ability to generate energy through pedaling: a system equipped with a fixed bike and a battery that will help keep the lights and small appliances in your home running all day with just one hour of pedaling. The system allows to convert the kinetic energy that we produce during the pedaling in electricity, which will accumulate in a battery, and then use it in the house.




Hunter: @bootylab


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Wow! This is an amazing invention! Wasn’t lucky enough to think of this concept back then when I was preparing thesis with my classmates. Anyways, this would be helpful to humanity especially when the energy demand is way too high and a lot of pressure to stop using non-renewable resources as fuel for powerplants. Great concept, utilizing the activity done by an owner.

Congratulations @bootylab and I’m looking forward to your upcoming innovative hunts.


Thanks for your support

a good initiative, not give energy to the whole town, but at least have a better chance of having access to energy.


at least one home will makes the difference

Cool product that would come handy in developing countries where electricity generation/transmission is a major challenge. Great hunt!


thanks my friend

This type of projects that link eco-friendly, socio-economic and energy aspects are the ones I like to follow and support.
It is interesting that the owner of that Energy drinks brand would like to give back to the world a part of what he has achieved through this invention.
Exellent hunt

It is a big revolution for energy source. Pdealing 1 hour and generating 1 day electricity sounds amazing. It will be a great solution for energy sources. Great hunt.


sounds impossible, but now is a reality

Very interesting hunt this product is great, the world needs more like this


good comment, thanks


good comment, thanks

This idea is great, but I still do not understand how it is that if I pedal 1 hour I will have 24 energy


This one uses a more powerful mechanism

If life gives you you have to return even a little.
This should be replicated in all countries


good quote

Millionaires should join and work on a single product similar to this


great idea my friend

This bicycle has a strange model, but the benefit is really great.
Nice hunt


good point of view

Wow wonderfull idea, looks a little uncomfortable


thanks, yes looks a little uncomfortable


thanks, yes looks a little uncomfortable

This project is necessary there are parts of India where the population is very poor and there are many inhabitants and the electrical system is not supplied

The advantage of this bike is the period of pedaling is only 1 hour, I can not imagine if they had more time, riding a bicycle is not very easy the dynamometers should have a good friction

Pedal 1 hour = 1 day of energy.

It sounds impossible, I'll have to try it some day.
Epic hunt


This should also be replicated in African countries. There are many people in extreme poverty and they do not have access to electricity.

Wow I have already seen several projects in which this selor works.
All with a social purpose.


he enjoys work in this projects

A great idea, to share energy with those who have less, we should all join projects like this


great idea, all people should join


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