Breathe2 - Perfect breathing app for Apple watch

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Perfect breathing app for Apple watch



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The Breathe2 app is a breathing application that will be available on the Apple smart watch soon

This app focuses on both the breathing during individual physical activities and during the period of calmness.

Breathe2 gives you an accurate breathing status at any point in time through an easy to use interphase.

It gives you readings such as how long it will take to empty the lungs, how to improve your efficiency at work and your lung capabilities.


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When I was practicing Yoga I learned that breath that we intake during the entire day is very less the stronger we inhale the more energy we get. Breathing is a critical component to healthy living, you can get rid of many diseases if you are breathing and taking appropriate oxygen in your body. Breathe2 helping with the track of breathing and further guiding makes it a critical health tracking App which I recommended to everyone who desires to be fit and fine throughout his/her lifespan being untouched with diseases. Great hunt mate. Thanks for sharing an great App. Cheers


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