Bluelane - Real-time route tracking and sharing for iPhone

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Real-time route tracking and sharing for iPhone



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Hunter's comment

Bluelane is an application that allows you to share your route or location to your loved ones or anyone thereby making it easy for them to track you real-time on any device using a web browser.

The advantage Bluelane has is that no additional software is required for it to be operational, also no sign ups and no social platforms is required.

You can be tracked when on holiday, hiking, mountaineering or even during a marathon.

Some of the features are listed below:-

Track your location and route using GPS.

Share using Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and other messengers and social media.

Others can track you using a web browser on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other smartphones and tablets.

View a history of your routes, including total viewers, time and distance traveled.

Four different tracking modes to balance between tracking accuracy and power usage

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Hunter: @blessedman939

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Thank you so much

Hmm, it is a great idea to share my route with my loved ones real-time. I will download Bluelane.


  • Easy to track route in real time
  • Expedition, marathon, hiking will now be accompanied with bluelane to trace the route in real time
  • No additional software required.
  • Different tracking modes are also available.
  • Cons

    The hunt is amazing!


    • Helps you track your location, route using the GPS which is enabled
    • easy to use for individual
    • it accurate, thereby make it proficient for you to share your location with others too.


    Having Bluelane app, you can never miss track with your loved once, Useful during sporting activities and even during outing, most especially in occasions where you have a lot of people, It will be easy to track your friends.

    Great Hunt @blessedman939.

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    Great, adventure and cross country athletes will be very happy with this product.
    One of the best ways to keep track of your sports activities


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