Business Card Maker - Easiest way to creating your business card

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Business Card Maker

Easiest way to creating your business card


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Sometimes we just want to create a quick business card without the hassle of learning photoshop or adobe illustrator.

Checkout this Business Card Maker , you can create your business card in minutes and you can then print it in PDF or JPG to bring it to your printers and you are DONE

Its free to use and does not require any payments to use and design. Its not the best in terms of selection however it does get the job done which does not take much brain power to use.



Hunter: @bitrocker2020

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Very useful if you don't know how to work with Lightroom or even Adobe Photoshop. Even if your friends don't have time to use their skills for your Business Card.

Good one😎

Here is my opinion about Business Card Maker


  • Most innovative way to create the business cards
  • It saves the time
  • Not much efforts are involved nor any complexity
  • One can print it in PDF or JPG to bring it to his/her printers
  • It is free of cost
  • Quite simple and reliable to use


  • None for it

Overall it is an awesome hunt, keep hunting @bitrocker2020 :)

awesome!!!! I just bookmarked this website because it's super easy to make a visiting card and it's simply free which is quite rare nowadays. Really appreciated Finding :) Just made a Visiting Card for me :D

That kind of reminds me of Canva, I already wrote a post about it on my main account. While it's mainly used to create book covers, it can be also be used to make Posters & Business Cards.

But it seems that product is already hunted by someone else on this platform, laughs weakly.

I wonder what's better though, Canva or Business Card Maker?

Great teaching , I think many card maker will have to think about other way of there business.
very nicely explained

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How do I "hunt" for product?

I saw you are the "hunter" for this namecard maker, how did you "hunt" it? Or is it actually your company's product?


It's not my company product. Just goto sign-in using ur steem connect and u can start posting from there.


You just find a product with an official website, that isn't already posted on steem hunt before you did. Then just follow the guidelines they're easy to find after you sign up.


I see i see thanks

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Goodbye Pages! It is so convenient​ to use business card maker to do a business card. Introducing all this to my friend la.


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Thanks for a great recommendation. I still prefer Adobe Illustrator though.