Runvido - Advertising of the future

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Advertising of the future



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Runvido is an application for mobile devices, enabling the company to communicate with the customer more effectively thanks to the revival of images.

How it's working?

On the Runvido platform, we assign a movie to a given image, and users, by bringing the smartphone closer to the image, read the video on it. After launching the application and bringing the smartphone closer to the image, Runvido will search for the video, sound or information assigned to it in the cloud.



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There is only one main problem I have with this project and the ones like it. They require you to have a specific app. Imagine you had 10 different apps for various kinds of QR codes. That would suck. We need these companies/startups to form a universal standard and open source it so that one app or just a web browser extension can take care of everything.

Other than that I do think this is the future. Old ads won't disappear. But like E-Books and Audiobooks, this will build new and exciting grounds.

Runvido is an application that can make it easier for us to communicate, this is very suitable for the company.
you are a great hunter.
thank you

This is quite an interesting marketing and advertising platform and I am wondering how nice would this be integrated with Steemhunt. Great find which opens my thinking in this space and I see real opportunities in this!

A really simple way to use of augmented reality (AR) potential to reach their customers and potential customers....

It is a cool way to spread contents just by bring the SmartPhones close to the assigned picture for a video. The app is definitely cool for business and having fun.

Awesome idea. Surely it develops more interest in users. How to treat it with AR technology. It must be a very special app for customers.

everything should be changing and improving. technology day by day improving and create new things. hope this are new system for marketing and advertising.


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