Here One - Mute the sound you want

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Here One

Mute the sound you want



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Hunter's comment

Someone is talking too loud at work, and you can not concentrate? Or maybe rest and hunting after a hard day prevents the renovation going on? what if it could just be mute it, without losing the ability to listen to other sounds around?


Here are Here One, which let you choose what sounds you do not want to hear. With the help of the headphones we gain the ability to control what we hear. Choosing any of the available options, we can increase, for example, the level of heard bass when listening to music or even mute onerous work of engines.


Turn off whoever you want!


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what if it could just be mute it, without losing the ability to listen to other sounds around?

Basically one of my hard sci-fi wet dreams. Glad to see that it's finally becoming a thing. I've grown to be able to focus on my anime and games and reading even while there is a lot of noises and distractions around. But now it has become even easier.

Thank you for Hunting this ☺


Nice to hear !

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your effort. You find best and perfect product for who don't like loud music to working and homes. This ear hub works very easily. Very easy to set voice you like. Many features of this product. without losing the ability to listen to other sounds around. That's so great. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Thank you @bitrocker2020!

People get distracted from their work and lose focus when they hear annoying and unwanted sounds around them.This headphones will help people to become more active by muting those unwanted sounds.I have to say that it is a great product.

Thanks for sharing the information of this product.

wow very nice system, i'll try this technology when I have not want to hear voice someone then we will stay in peace. I like it, I think this is also good for old peoples.

I can see the use case, but why not go to a quieter place to talk? Actually picture is deceptive but watching a video when construction work is going on outside the house is when this can surely come in handy. Nice hunt.

This device reminds me one of my travel experience. I was in a human made Forest full of different kinds of birds. There was a family group who was gossiping and cheering too loudly. we lost the calm and peaceful environment and can't hear any bird's tweeting.
This device will surely be a good use for people in work, home or in travel.
Great hunt.

You mean shut down all other noise around me just to concentrate and focus on the I want to listen to, a sublime sound tech I must confess. This cool for outdoor occasion when you have to type concentrate to listen to who is discussing with you.

This is awesome! it gives a whole new meaning to selective hearing, lol, Who doesnt want to mute others at times! What an awesome hunt that I will be checking into further, I want this!! upped!🙋👍👍👍💕

wow good hunt

Desperately need one of these.. especially if it has a one-click button for mute ALL sounds!

Wow, this is pretty interesting. I wonder if there is any kind of delay since it is probably recording the sounds and then giving you the ability to eliminate certain frequencies. This is like the next step in noise cancelling headphones.


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