Curate - Arrange a flat with AR

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Arrange a flat with AR



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Curate application, transfers virtual stage images from flat, two-dimensional perspectives to 3D augmented reality. The application can not only easily convert images into AR objects for easier manipulation and better perspective, but also offers a range of AR interior arrangements so that potential buyers can easily see how their house can look in different styles.

Additionally, thanks to the Curate screenshot capabilities, viewers can capture and store images of AR furniture sets to facilitate recall and potential future purchases.


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Lately, I've been looking into different AR applications to see what's happening in the world of AR. This hunt is one of those applications.

I've seen other fascinating products particularly in the field of art and construction. This hunt adds to that list - the field of interior design.

The images give the reader (review hunter) a glimpse of what the product is about and gives enough interest to look more for details in their website.

The product was made by Sotheby's International Realty and is available for download from Google Play and the App Store. This description from their website sums it up for me:

Curate can be used to help a new homeowner, through augmented reality, design and purchase furnishings for their new home.

With AR techniques you solve many things. It shows everything in perfect direction. So in this way flat arrangement is useful through AR.

With AR tool, we create this imaginary images that appeal to us and our clients. This would be a good tool for estate agents to attract customers to patronize them. With its AR converting ability, ordinary images would look awesome in their AR form.

Its screenshots feature is another plus to store AR furniture and this will make it easy for recall and engage another potential future customers.

Kudos to the brains behind it and nice hunt!

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

That will be an awesome experience to see the things how it will look like after arranging the Furniture and we can find the best combination to arrange our furniture.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)


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Thank you @teamhumble!

I wish you have a nice day.

Wow, I like this idea. Before buying furniture for our home, we can use this currate to see those furniture fit with design of our home.
I'm gonna try it

This would be great for people (like me) who have a hard time visualizing how things might look in different spaces. Will make planning much easier (and more fun!)

Great hunt!

This is truly amazing and helps you to see in advance of what might look like before purchasing something expensive. It is a great way to save time, energy and cost before making your final decision!

Visualizing object is always helpful for better interior design. Curate is an amazing AR application which will ease your home interior decoration. Customers love to preview things prior to purchase. It will also help to flourish business. Great hunt

I am just seeing this and thinking what AR can't do!
Visualizing our home and furniture will help us to decide what would fits best and looks good.
It also has a interior VR, customer will get more attraction to it for sure.
Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

Oh wo this is so cool! I could spend all day doing this and trying out all kinds of different styles in different rooms it looks easy enough to use and I love the 3D / two dimensional perspectives, very cool I Love It and will be checking this hunt out further! upped!🙋❤💕

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When we arrange new apartment this application is really helpful for us becuase we can capture picture and arrange by 3D prespective and see demention of that thing . Is that fit in this room or not and how it look . nice hunt


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