Delectable - App to get wine review from a photo of the bottle

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App to get wine review from a photo of the bottle


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Are you sometimes at a loss as to which bottle of wine to buy when facing a huge number of bottles. Delectable is an app for iOS or Android to scan a wine bottle and get expert opinions and recommendations along with tasting notes. You no longer have to rely on the few bottles with in-store advertising or rating scales. You can get expert opinions before you spend your money and bring home a poor-quality or overpriced bottle. Very Cool.



Hunter: @birdbanter

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Wah, this one is cool! Btw, can this app scan bottles other than wine?

Cool hunt! I am often clueless about which wine to buy and that makes experimenting with different wines difficult. This is pretty useful for people like me.

Wow this thing is so amazing!!!
you can check the reviews of experts on what you want to drink and how it is. It gonna tell you the quality of the bottle. Its not pretty useful for me though because I never drink and am not planning to do so. I want every body to be free of it too!
Anyhow amazing hunt!

An application that can work on two platforms. They serve wine lovers and help them with wine. It is an ideal tool for getting expert advice and suggestions along with bottling and tasting notes. Nice hunt.

I'm a bit ignorant about wine and I often make mistakes when it comes to wine. I am delighted to see this mobile app. It's a product I need. I think I should try to download it. Thank you.

Hi @birdbanter,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Could you please update the product title to just Delectable though (through the Steemhunt website). Thanks in advance.

My husband and I like wine so much, Delectable Wine App will be useful for us to get expert opinions and recommendations of them Thanks for sharing.


  • App is available on both platforms
  • Scan a bottle to get an opinion from professionals
  • Might help you to decide faster


  • don't have any


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