Volt - Hybrid car it run on both electric and gas

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Hybrid car it run on both electric and gas



Hunter's comment

Another hunt from me

Volt car can drive in both world. One is electric another one is Gas using. It is another vehicle from Chevrolet. Very trusted company.

On one charge electricity you may go 53 miles.

On one full talk of gas you may go up to 420 miles.

It has two electricity motores that work together to give good performance.

It connect your mobile and give all details about fuel.

You get this at $34,096




Hunter: @bhavyalakshman


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Great hunt @bhavyalakshman!

This is one of the affordable hybrid cars that people start buying lately, it's nice to see new competitors on the market.

I love product like this that have alternative source of energy because it will be very easy to switch to the next available source when one has been exhausted.

Cool Hunt

The car is loaded with excellent features which are need of the modern times. The dual fuel option makes it economical and ot has enormous benefits for environment as well. It has good mileage average through gas or electricity.
Great Hunt!


Thanking you for your review

Hi @bhavyalakshman,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can approve it can you please make sure the hunt somewhere references Chevrolet.

Thanks in advance.


I edit it sir, pls approved me


Thanks. I didn’t hide your hunt but you were royally slow editing it though. I should have hidden it because it received way longer visibility than it should have due to the slow edit.


Yes I agree with you.Sorry for this.I don't sorry my post properly yesterday. That's why you get problem. Sorry once again for this in convince from me .

Great Hunt @bhavyalakshman. The speed of this awesome car is very fast. I wat to drive this car for enjoyment with my family.

There are cars which can work with benzine and gas. But using a car with gas is killing the engine slowly as i know. The best is electric powered cars and after that benzine powered cars. Diesel and gas powered cars are not good for the nature...

It's good to have a back up if there are no electric recharge stations. But they should improve on how many miles the car runs with one electrical recharge. 53 miles isn't a lot.

Chevrolet is leading the pack in the electric and hybrid car. They are making a real progress. This one as hybrid can be a step in the right direction. The price is not that high as well.

wow, a vehicle that can run on both gas and electric? This is super cool. The price isn't bad though.

I’ll defin go for the electric one. I hate buying gas and I think it will save a lot of money


Thanks for your review

Great Hunt, Hunter.

I like the concept behind this car that it can be driven far using only electric power handles and accelerates well and still makes it possible to fall back on the gas engine when the charge runs out drivers who are looking to get the best of all worlds are going to be very pleased by what the volt offers.

Hi, @bhavyalakshman you have really done a great job for bringing us this awesome hunt👏
Volt is another innovative car design which uses both electric and Gass to move.

  • Volt car can be on its speed for 420 miles when its fully stuck with Gass
  • It can also be in movement for 53 miles when its fully charged.

Nice one hunter, dont forget to bring more good Hunts 💞💞💞


I try my level best.Thankyou very much for your support

This car is awesome car because its fuel can be used in electricity and gas. I love the design. The price is reasonable because its quality.

Awesome hunt!

Awesome hunt

It is really awesome tech for being hybrid . However , i believe mileage on electric supply is less .

Excellent innovation by chevrolet

Runs Fuel and electricity so kind blowing.... I need money I my life because I need good things


Thankyou very much

Hydrolic car is the best product in vahicles and this new design car is thethe best car in the world it can run on electricity and gass too.

Nice Hunt,


  • Hybrid Car
  • Electric/Gas Both
  • Remote Start/Power windows
  • Advanced safety features


  • None

Excellent hunt


Run on both electricity and gas
It may give nearly 400 miles from using both fuels
Connect with mobile


Great hunt @bhavyalakshman i just love this car. It function on electricity and Gas. Whenever you running out of gas, you can always use electricity.


Thanking you

They should be preferred because Hybrid Cars are more eco-friendly. It is good to see Volt. I hope people prefer to use it by electric instead of gas. Perfect hunt.

OH so i can actually drive for 40miles then recharge the car then another 40 or 50miles before recharging 🤣 with this, i dont have to worry about fuel lol

A car that can use gas and electric is a nice one. User can switch anytime they want which gave the opportunity to reserve the current source of power you are using.


This is super cool! Gas is more clean than gazoline or benzine. Would have even been more great when instead of gas, it would use hydrogen. In Netherlands we want to reduce the amount of gas used and we are promoting electrical and hydrogen driven vehicles.

This is a great initiative of a future.
I love electric cars but there is a that fear of not being able to make it in some areas with out fast car charges or remote areas deep here in africa where there is no electricity. Fuel can be so useful as well.
The volt solves this problem.
The versatility of connecting with other devices like smartphones for other functions.

In these times with the cost of gasoline have a gas system in our car is great now on the other hand if we make a long trip and we have two full tanks we can walk more time without recharging

One more electrical car again I love those working style but in my country there is not enough place for charging so it makes it harder to use those car

Volt car is an amazing car which gives you option to drive the car on either gas or electrical. It comes with two electric motors which gives you great performance. You can convert car into any fuel. Hybrid car is much needed in today's life. Great hunt


  • You can plug in your smartphone, MP3 player or flash driver in its USB ports.
  • It's SiriusXM Satellite Radio is excellent.
  • It's LED headlamps help to improve down-the-road visibility in low-light conditions.
  • It also have a Cargo net which secures and organizes smaller items in your cargo area.
  • It's premium floor mats protect your vehicle from road debris and the elements.


  • Nill

Wow this car is amazing it can run both electricity and gas you mentioned that on electric it can run 53 miles this is awesome .and the look is also good and you can see the electric and gas consumption on mobile this is pretty cool.and the speed of this is also high and the price is also quite range able for some person
Great hunt bro keep it up
Thanks for sharing

The voltage can be recharged using the included 120-volt portable cable or the available 240-volt charging unit. The 240 volt charging unit is recommended for the convenience of charging in the home.

Excellent hunting, find a car that recharges itself and also can be recharged at home, as I would like to reach the countries where fuel is difficult.

Nice hunt @bhavyalakshman What i love about this car is that it function using electric and gas. If you're running out of gas, you can always use the electric function. Simply nice.

My uncle have a hybrid car. He haven't encountered problem with it. It's a great ride and also eco-friendly. :)



Hello @bhavyalakshman,

Here is the review about Volt.


  • One can easilycover up to 53 miles by recharging the Volt
  • If you do not want to go by electric means, you can alter your vehicle to gas and can go up to 420 miles smoothly
  • It has two electricity motores that really enhances the performance of the car
  • One can connect it with the mobile to check the various details like fuel or charging etc
  • Quite reasonable price


  • None for it

Overall it seems a superb product by the Chevrolet. Great hunt :)

Wow this is damn crazy. So we have 2 ways to get going, either gas or electricity. Could have wanted to own one but no fund for that now. great hunt

It's a good example of a hybrid car.
I think my performance is getting better.

GREAT, being able to run on electricity and gas makes it a good option. SURPRISING hunt congratulations

Nice hunt!
Hybrid car is definitely one of the best solution to balance the convenience and protect the environment!
The design of the car looks awesome!!!
Thanks for the sharing



It's an eco-loving electric car. Congratulations on this good hunting.


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