Mi.mu Gloves - Wireless sensor enabled music produce gloves on movements

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Mi.mu Gloves

Wireless sensor enabled music produce gloves on movements



Hunter's comment

Mi.mu Gloves has all instruments in your grasp. Utilizing this we can make and give execution in front of an audience effectively.

Remote and sensor empowered, each finger development you get music.

It has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, it associates with a PC so we get astounding music.

It has two way correspondence, you can send information through gloves to pc and also PC to gloves.




Hunter: @bhavyalakshman


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  • This glove will make you feel like Michael Jackson.
  • Sound will follow your fingers.


  • None.

Considering I'm actually a Power Glover and I understand the market here are the real cons.
High Price Ticket, the need for a dedicated software engineer while you are on stage for a good performance, and the lack of wrist movement.

I prefer the Remidi T8 as my Power Glove of choice, its only 159$ on eBay or 399$ MSRP (Compared to 2000 Quid/PoundSterling) plus its easy to switch between MIDI sequences and Macros on stage without having to Use a Web Camera. Here is a video of me on DTUBE using the Remidi T8 in action.

the mimu gloves are nothing like Michael Jacksons gloves either lol

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These gloves are absolutely amazing. Mi.mu gloves turns the hands and arms of performers into musical instruments. Best hunt for those who are interested in music and dance.

this is more like making everyone music producers with this glove
nice hunt friend

A different glove. Two-way correspondence is possible. Through gloves, you can send information and information from gloves to the computer. It has good features. It is necessary to try and enjoy.

Great @bhavyalakshman

Literally this is a new way of making music. It's incredible, I love music and with a remote power and sensor it will make everything very easy!


Great Hunt, Thank you for share, Regards!!

A technological product for the music industry. It is a product designed to perform music effectively in front of the audience. Wi-Fi support. A nice and useful hunt. Thank you.

Creative ideas with cool technology, so these gloves can be a trigger for execution to a PC, as a remote or sensor, interesting.
keep hunting.

Loved the introductory video. It was very informative and the talent behind has real passion which isn't always true for these kind of tech products. It;s not some simple gimmick and you can actually create some complex music pieces with it. Love to see real artists driving the tech instead of the other way around.

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