Backing Track Play Music - Your ultimate guide for music back tracks

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Backing Track Play Music

Your ultimate guide for music back tracks





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Do you have a lingering music in your mind that you want to play with an instrument?
Have you find its backtracks in google but you didn't find a specific one for the kind of the instrument you play?
Well, then Back Track Play Music is here to serve you


  • gives you the back track of your favorite song no matter if it is latest or songs in the past
  • easy to locate backtracks through different categories
    e.g. artist, genre
  • it has back tracks for the kind of instrument you play just pick the category of the musical instrument you want
  • it shows tablature for easy learning
  • you can request for a song and have its backtrack in a few minutes
  • there are updates every day to keep your repertoire in
    good shape
  • it is for free!!!


  • however, to be able to use the app offline you need to buy it for $1.49. But $1.49 is so cheap in exchange for a long term convenience.



Hunter: @beyonddisability

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