TenniBot - The World's first Tennisball Collector Roboter

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The World's first Tennisball Collector Roboter






Hunter's comment

The world's first Roboter who collecting Tennis Balls on the field automatically.

Some clevery Boys designed and developed a roboter who can simply collecting the Tennis Ball on a field which are laying around.

The Technology behind the cool product is, you can set it up with your Mobile Device and you can easily handle him with carry-arms so theres no need to sweat in the summer by collecting your balls by yourself anymore.

Take the time to play your Game and let the great Robot collecting it.




Hunter: @belaviel


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Hi @belaviel,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!

Pros: this is very convenient, time for other things to clean / collect fast and easy to use
Cons: when the "bucket"is full; all balls will roll out again :-) / So you have to keep an eye on the robot

nice look
huge time saving
can be started by mobile phone

Cannot be used during the game, otherwise it would get in the way

Wow. It's amazing and interesting. Thanks.

recognized the dublicate... that search function isn't way to easy for me, sorry steemhunt team

Hey Hunter, awesome Catch!

How does the robo know where all the balls are or is he going across the whole court?


  • Easy to use with mobile device
  • time and work saving
  • Cool looking


  • None so far

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