Visio Roller - Amazing Wheelchair training for disabled people

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Visio Roller

Amazing Wheelchair training for disabled people



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Hello Hunters,

Visio Roller is an amazing wheelchair that can be used for people who have recently been disabled. They can learn how to run a wheelchair and it's usage. In addition, it can train those people to use it.


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God Forbid anyone needs this but God bless them who are suffering and i have no words to say anything. I hope they will get benefit from it.

I have never interacted with someone on a wheelchair and would be awkward to ask how difficult was it to get used to a wheelchair. I thought, using a wheelchair would not have been that complicated (just the operational aspect). Looks like that's not the case.

Learning to use a wheelchair can be a daunting task for newly disabled people. I can imagine how difficult it will be. It is totally cool to have a system to help out like this. Great hunt

Some of the new disable doesn't know how to use weelchair so this could be useful to them. But hoping we wont see people having a disability.

A product for special persone are recently been disabled can use the wheelchair easily. This will allow you to move anywhere.

I can understand the usefulness of such a thing. I first thought it's a VR training. But after coming through their site it makes me feel wow. The physical training looks really promising and very helpful. The government can adopt some of these to help the disables. Nice find!

The people are looking for a chair is easy to use and offers great featurs. Am sure this will suit the people are recently been disabled.

It is really amazing way to learn how to handle wheelchair or disable people. It is very necessary to learn about wheelchair because some time we need this. Nice hunt

This is a really nice hunt that gives hope and life to those who are disabled, i really just can't imagine a life without leg

Wow amazing hunt great effort dear @azwarrangkuti. I really like and appreciate your effort great job thanks for sharing this great hunt because everyone's needs this product for special purposes as like disable person from all over the world. With this product It's very easy to use and travel with special person.

This is so nice
Now those who have been disabled can still carry out activities on their own by learning to use this wheelchair.

It looks quite interactive training system for wheel chair users. I likes it alot coz it allow peoples to learn necessary skills on how to use and control a wheel chair on top of that it help users to increase the muscle endurance and increase strength in muscle power. Great Hunt

This is a fun and engaging wheelchair that can be use to those disabled people that needed to use wheelchair. Anyway, how much is the price for this wheelchair? I think this is an expensive one.

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Like the Visio Roller simulator customization user feature. @azwarrankuti It will help those who suddenly have to use a wheelchair. Useful Hunt!