Photo Studio AR - Make your Photo with AR

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Photo Studio AR

Make your Photo with AR


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Hello Hunters,

Make your photos more beautiful and creative with augmented reality. You can change the place or location of photos with various templates provided.


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Great hunt @azwarrangkuti! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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long time no see @azwarrrangkuti...
So, Augmented Reality can be used for this purpose as well. Quite a unique way to get bokeh photos.

These days editing has really occupied us a lot and i am really happy that i found this app as it will really help me a lot in doing a lot's of editing.

You introduces a nice to make photo more attractive and beautiful.. Now changing location in photo is become easier.

@azwarrangkuti, what a cool hunt. Great to use this augmented reality to edit your photo to make them look great and send to our friends on social media. This helps make very interesting photo album for story telling. Great hunt.

Interesting and great find. Every likes his looks become very good and golorgious. Edit your picture with AR technology. Thats to good. AR and VR technolohy very famous in the world. Fabulous hunt.


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