Anki Vector Robot Sidekick - Anki AI and Tech powered robot sidekick

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Anki Vector Robot Sidekick

Anki AI and Tech powered robot sidekick



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Hunter's comment

Anki vector robot sidekick is your smart companion home robot.
IT is powered with an immense amount of technology and a variety of AI sensor that brings him to live.
IT can hear, feel, see, and react to touch. It can also recognize people, avoid obstacles and get itself to the charging spot when his battery is getting low.
IT is your fun little buddy that can dance, sing, and take perfect HD pictures.

IT is definitely the home robot to live with.


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Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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This robot will be a nice companion when alone. I love all its features. Especially since it can go to it's own charging point and can also make HD picture. Nice Hunt @ayoshewa

Thanks for branching here sir.

I have seen the Vector many times in a lot of the meetings that I have been in. I actually just recently read that this model is discontinued I think so you can find some really great deals on them across the Internet if you are still looking for them. They are great for teaching you how to code and you can also just use them as a toy or friend to play with. Students have really enjoyed them and I know a lot of teachers that are snatching up as many as they can at the lower price because of the phase out. Nice hunt!

That's really nice sir.
About the price, it's currently below $300 so it's a great deal as you have rightly said.
Thanks for branching here sir