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The Nordy Club

Turn your face into Pencil Art



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This app turns any of your photo into pencil art style illustrated portrait. I've tested myself couple of times with different photos, and this app amazingly well detect only the face part, and draw my face realtime.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 12.14.55.png

I even tried to test by using quite difficult photo like this one:
Screenshot 2018-12-14 12.19.32.png

And this app made quite accurate illustration like this:

Video reference -



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I didn't draw myself with my charcoal since I didn't have the talent for painting, so I can say I love this application. I downloaded the application and I can say that I have achieved successful results. A delightful and artistic hunting.

With this application, I will draw the face of my friend and I will say I am good at drawing with a pencil, right? LOL

By the way, I have tried several times, it's not working.

I have been looking for an app
that cam run this pencil drawing well. I love pencil art, so when i see any app promising that, i always run to it and wanted to take a look at it. I have checked Nordy club and the interface just look awesome to me. What i love about them is that it is bot difficult to use compared to use like other platform. What i just want for them is to improve more, they are awesome and cool, love their stuff.

Humans love animation and especially their personal cartoons or pencil work of art. With this tool, they can easily create person pencil art of their faces. I love the way this turns out after changing the face to pencil art. Nice hunt!


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Nice! Had a lot of fun palying around with it and will try this once more when I’m home and have good light to take better pictures.


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