Bloon - Look at the earth from 36 000 meters

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Look at the earth from 36 000 meters


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Hello Steemhunters,
Bloon provides you 2 hours duration journey in 36 kilometers.
It is one of the most innovative project because Passenger aircrafts' can be maximum up to 12.2 kilometers.
You can look at the earth from near "space"
This will be a daytrip of your whole life.
Please watch its presentation video.


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OMG this is the coolest hunt ever! I want to go on a ride on this! How fricken cool would it be to see the world from that high up!?! Sign me up! Best hunt I've seen all week :0)


Ok, I wrote down your name to the list @moderndayhippie , lol, btw thanks for your nice comment and upvote.


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