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Turbo VPN

Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Security VPN



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Hi everyone,
I saw a few VPN solutions on Steemhunt and all of them were paid ones. I'd like to introduce you to a free VPN program I used before. The name of this program is Turbo VPN. A very successful VPN provider in the free category. You can connect quickly. For your privacy and security, I recommend you to try this program.

More information is available on the website.


  • Free
  • Fast and secure connection
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Free surfing on the internet


  • None




Hunter: @arpello


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Impressive service (24/7, 2 hours response, and avaibility 99%99. Seems to good to be true. I'll try it. Thanks for sharing this VPN @arpello

Best VPN Application without annoying bugs and just not reaching user satisfaction with all performance plus magnificent design

how many IP address does this Vpn provide, cus some VPN just give you random IP addresses,, it would be better if you could select yourself

This is one of the Best VPN software out there to help one protect his/her IP for better privacy and access blocked websites by ISPs, Great hunt.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Hello @arpello

Since we changed our PG (Posting Guidelines) two months ago, we don't delist anymore the products that MOST PEOPLE know about. However, we recommend hunters to find something 1) new to many people and 2) cool that has killer features. Please understand what kind of community that Steemhunt are trying to become and seek for something cooler products next time.

Hope these​ tips help you :)

Cheers :)

It's good to have another free VPN service beside of Hola!
I want to try it right away. Thanks!

Good VPN app with a cute icon. No troubles with the servers or the speed and so far no connection issues.It provides best and as fast as possible service

Turbo VPN is for me one of the first program that I used for vpn purposes. As a normal user you don't need to use it everytime and when you need it there comes only paid versions. If you really need a VPN this one will fill your expectations. Nice sharing

As you mentioned on your post there are indeed many VPN services and most of them are paid. Free versions are good to use as a starte I think because if you are using it regularly you will need more and you will take step to paid ones too. This one is definetaly recomended and is a great start.

I really wanted and needed this one because I'm an expat.
Thanks for the nice hunt. :D

VPN is an app that helps you to change your area where you live so you can be calmer because of the pirates who might be watching

I've heard about turbo VPN and I actually have wanted to try it out. I may though. It sports the major qualities of a good vPN. Free fast and reliable

There are indeed many VPN services and most of them are paid & free versions are good to use as a start .I also use browsec VPN service which is also free .

I'm delighted to see the Cons side and you put NONE :D. I'm sure I'll be checking this one out. And on top of it all. It's FREE. thanks for sharing @arpello

Finally, a VPN that complies with what it offers in a very efficient way since most VPNs that claim to be "free" end up disappointing us because of their low utility or because of their poor execution. But this undoubtedly has a very good interface and a variety of proxies that work very well.

Well done

I love the working of VPN. Its virtual private networks so it makes for you a private connection and your internet data goes through another ip address. It makes your connection more secure and you can reach even restricted websites too. Thanks for sharing.

When I was on vacation I couldn't watch TV online because the stream of the channel was not available on other countries. I searched on internet and indeed this one came to me and I used it. It was great solution for me. Nice to see such great things here.

I have time looking for a good VPN, this seems good to me I will try to see how it is. thanks for sharing it with us

And now this is another free VPN... I love the prospect of this, I will install and try it out now, I hope the connections are secured and super fast.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful hunt

I use VPN like all steemhunters. I am glad of my recent Vpn but sure I will check Turbo Vpn. Thanks for sharing.

@arpello Great hunt this type of VPN is useful and this one is very cool with amazing features thanks for sharing.

Oh well, this is awesome hunt. Cheers.

Turbo vpn is one I am using till now. It has free server and paid server Both. Currently I am using free server, it has fast and secure connection. Great hunt

My friend @arpello, I also use Turbo VPN. Yes you are right. The operation system is easy along with provide Fast and secure service.
Its really a great hunt. Thank you


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