THE MULTI TOWER ROBOT - Robot to Lift Patient & Make Rehabilitation Easier

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Robot to Lift Patient & Make Rehabilitation Easier



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THE MULTI TOWER ROBOT is an assistance robot that will facilitate the mobility of patients with disabilities or who are in the process of recovery through various support modules and therapies that will allow them to progressively recover the mobility of their body.


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Wao this robot can really help patients with disabilities and can help them move and get into different postures without pain and hard work.

Great hunt

This looks interesting but seems like it only fits into use in hospitals. I can't imagine this at homes but it will be cool to have such at homes where there are disables

IMHO, the basic purpose of the technology is to facilitate humans and make their lives easier against the hurdles of the day to day operations, this product is a positive step in that direction for injured and disabled people.

The multi tower robot is a great solution for disable people, patient and people who take care of such patient. It will ease their life and indeed it will give good result during rehabilitation process

Nice and quite innovative. It seems the first kind of ceiling host for the patient. As we all know that floor lifter always have some sort of limitation but ceiling lifter would be great enhancement and addition to the medical field for patients. Nice hunt

This is really an incredible hunt my friend, it will help those who are disable and need help in the hospital and also in the home. it will be now easy to lift them.

I love the idea and the novelty of the item/robot. I think that the benefits are tremendous for people within the medical field as well as the patient but safety may be a concern as it might shake or topple? I think if it's safe, which I have to assume it is that anyone with an issue of mobility may want to check this out. Excellent Search

incredible hunt! This is a great innovation in the field of science to help the patient in lifting with the help of technology sounds good. Sometimes it's difficult to lift up a patient in wheelchairs or stretchers when the lift is not working or any other issue so this robot will be more useful in that case nice hunt


  • Rehabilitation.
  • Help human's
  • Automatic.
  • very help for those who are disable.


  • non

I found this one is a innovative robot which is helpful for patient and all medical institutions should try to have it. nice find

Great hunt, thing swing can be great to give medical patients a joy ride and they can feel happy when feeling very gloomy. Also, support from this robot can help them do better exercise to get back to normal mobility.

Great hunt dear friend
This robot will be really helpfull in the medical feild to easily lift patient and make rehabilitation easier.
Thanks for sharing wiyh us.

This is an amazing product. These will make the work load of health workers easier and people with disabilities can easily be given the required support they need with this


THE MULTI TOWER Robot is really a much necessary robot to facilitate patients. A good scientific approach in medical field.
Nice Hunt.

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its very hard for the patients especially when it comes to the disabled patients .. This robot would be perfect for all of them :)

Awesome ONE!
Wow! It would be damn helpful for Patient and it make shifting easier. This is safe and very easy and comfortable to use.
Thank you and Have a GooD dAY!

Taking care and giving the right support to disabled patient especially moving them from one place to is rigorous but with robot, it makes it very easier. Great find.

This is really helpful for care homes. A lot of the elderly in such homes cannot raise themselves to a sitting position (the muscles in their back and stomach are too weak). They need hoists - and this looks like a powerful modern type of hoist.

We need this kind of products which can provide comfort to the patients. This robot is amazing invention and has revolutionary benefits for the patients who have disabilities.

Very nice and useful robot to help the patients which is the help of the humanity. Great hunt.

Great Hunt! This is a very amazing product to help patients. This makes it very easy for people with disabilities, with a nice and useful, robot. Thank you for the great discovery.

Awesome gadget for Physiotherapists, To deal with the patients in an innovative way.

amazing Hunt


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