Follow Up Fred - E-mail automation and reminder tool

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Follow Up Fred

E-mail automation and reminder tool



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Follow Up Fred is a tool that automates following up with people you need to get a reply from. Once you send an email with Follow Up Fred activated then email reminders will be sent out until you get a response back. You close more sales by automating your email follow ups through Follow Up Fred. Starter Price plan is $ 20 / month, it has also free trial.


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This tool is good for businesses and enterprises to make their work easy.

This will be useful for those who want to promote their business with the help of this email automation tool nice find

In theory it's a good idea to send out repeated automated reminder emails till you get a response back - but don't overdo it, otherwise the recipient will mark you as spam and you lose contact with them for good.

This is a great way to follow up on people you are expecting important info from
Thanks for sharing


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