MiaoKids - Interactive & Intuitive Educational Toy for Kids

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Interactive & Intuitive Educational Toy for Kids



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MiaoKids is an ecosystem that has Miaokids app, wonder pad and interactive educational toys that provides play-based learning content and interact your child with onsucreen games.


  • MiaoKids Logic, MiaoKids Wonder Math, and MiaoKids English.
  • primary input mechanisms for your child to interact with the onscreen games.
  • Communicative bridge between the App and Blocks/Cubes.source




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:grin: now i am confused what toys that i will buy for my kids :face_palm: coz i saw more than hundred educational toys, and all of them are good!

education and toy provide a better road map to childrens

Aww soo sweet toy, am sure kids will love to play with it. It's super awsome with learning abilities. Kids will enjoy while playing games and learn perfectly.

Kids love toys, making it toys interactive and educative is so great, any time they are playing with the toy they are learning. Nice concept.

The ecosystem is good for the kids. This will help improve kids learning at home or school

This will help all growing kids to learn while playing. Not just playing but also developing their brain along with task involved

Learning with entertainment is the best way to enhance the skills of children. MiaoKids is an effective source for kids to explore the world of knowledge.
Amazing Hunt.

This is a great ecosysytem for kids to learn and play great hunt

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@anayakhan, what a cool hunt. As an educator, I support these learning apps that help children to interact in their learning. What is great is that when they are having fun, they learn much faster and not all work. This is motivational for kids. Great hunt.

Hello @anayakhan, thank you for contributing to realityhubs.

MiaoKids seems like a wonderful tool for anyone to get for their kids.

Who wouldn't love to have their kids learn while playing.

It would be best if you could add more details about the product before posting to realityhubs.

We look forward to your next contribution.

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