DX - World's First Self-Charging Mountain eBike

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World's First Self-Charging Mountain eBike



Hunter's comment

DX eBike is elegant and graceful and it is loaded with good features that are worth the price. Self charging feature make it an excellent choice for long distance rides. Portability is an added advantage.


  • Smart LCD Display and 9 speed levels Assist Mode
  • Anti-theft password lock LCD Display and Battery lock system
  • USB Mobile & Devices Charging Capability
  • Hidden high quality LG / Samsung lithium-ion batteries
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy
  • 7 Speed Shimano Gear Selector
  • Hydraulic Disc Braking
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Suspension
  • 7 Seconds Folding System source




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Great ebike with interesting features thats offer, self charging for your longer ride, lightweight, protect with lock LCD screen password, can be your alternative charging your device, etc. $999 it's balance with what you get. Backed now at campaign.

wow amazing DX This is a very good electronic bike.The features of this electronics bike are very good.Smart LCD Display and good 9 speed levelsThis elecric bike.thnks you are sharing good hunt post.

Very nice solution that it can charge bike by self, no need any other device or charger to keep it up charged. It's a very classic ebike with cool style.

having a self charging system is a game changer for the cyclist. Now you are not limited in the distance you ride and can recharge as you ride. I know the car manufacturers are working on this as it is used in formula one technology and is called curves.This is a great hunt.

Self charging doesn't seem like a novel idea. But I'll take your word for it. Takes the hassle of charging the bike out or well at least must be giving longer riding times per charge. That's a great advantage for any electric mobility solution. Actually this is is what hybrid cars do, except that one needs fuel to run them while mechanical energy is used to charge the battery. So yeah doesn't seem novel. But great hunt.

Aluminium Alloy makes the bike more lightweight all the while making it strong. $999 is a fair price for something that can give such a great experience.

  • You can ride it like normal
  • You can relax and use it as an E-Bike
  • Unlike other E-Bikes DX is eco-friendly
  • Anti-theft password lock and Battery lock system
  • 7 Speed Shimano Gear Selector
  • Hydraulic Disc Braking
  • 7 Seconds Folding System
  • You can charge your devices

It's an excellent product. But the prices can get a little high after the 50% - 65% discount ends. That's the only con I have to mention.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. I m big fan of technolohy. I really like to ride different e-electric bikes. E-bikes going very popular in the world. Many features of this bike. One main feature is it is self charhing e-bike. You don't connect to the charger for charge. This bike is best for long driving. Foldable system are also available. Very easy to fold it. Kindly tell the price of this bike..??? Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

This a Unique technique to utilize the kinetics energy which is produced by the wheels this is how it become a Self charging Ebike and I would love to have one as it is environmental friendly and it doesn't require to charge many times and apart from it also suitable for long ride.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Excellent desighn and awesome plenty of features made "DX eBike" more attractive for bike lovers and specially those who travelled on bike long distance. Really nice hunting.

Self charging? Hmm seems really interesting eBike. People who loves cycling to do their exercise would really love to have this which is really more attractive outside.

A bike with some good design I believe there are more colours available to suit the buyer the bike looks like it can handle the ruff terrain and of course the more interesting feature is the technology to self charge the bike while ridding, why as this not been done already it's something I have thought about alot.

An interesting technology to self chargeing ebike and i hope the efficiency is high too. Beautiful design with more color options and a strongly build ebike.

The bikes featured electric charging are great. But ebikes becames fail on mountains and for long drives experience. The outside home charging problem make it's reliability down. I'm pretty shocked to see it's self charging capacity. And this is amazing one.
Great hunting.

Self charging ebike, I bet it will be as fast as a hare... It seems we can also use it to charge our mobile

Technology is really changing the world.
Imagine a self-charging bike.
This is truly awesome with great features that I love.
The only problem is, I can't ride a bike. XD

All the features of this bike really makes it to stand out.The antitheft lock password and the aircraft grade aluminium that was used in making it is really superb. Nice hunt.

Nice find, really impressive one. I have never been seen such a cool idea. Self charging is a great feature which makes it totally a unique stuff. I love it but unfortunately I don't have budget to buy one. Great hunt, keep it up.

It's powerful and well balanced bicycle with batteries mounted inside the rear hub section. It has very reliable Lithium Ion battery that surely last long. It also has a disc brakes which are powerful and require very little effort. Company also give lifetime warranty on the frame one year on battery and other components. Available in a variety of colors.

Self charging bike is an amazing option. It give you liberty of charging. The bike has good safety features. Nice hunt

I have an electric mountain bike and it is fun to ride! This particular model seems to have much more features on it than the one I have.

Self charging bike.. wow. that sounds cool. Charging bike is a tedious task and many avoid to do it and even just because of this many people don't go for it. This is indeed a great technology and now more people will go for it. Awesome hunt

Wow! What a great e-bike you have searched. I have seen many types of e-bikes but i haven't seen any types of mountain e-bike. This is so different from the e-bikes i have seen. The features that are present in it are so great that it can charge itself on and there is no need to charge it with the charger. The design is also very cool and everyone will like to use it.
This is definitely a great innovative product. @anayakhan

I am wondering how self charge works???
Is it regenerative brakes or does bike charges when it is sliding downhill from slopes???

Self charging?

What is charging exactly because it appears to be a manual biclycle

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