bbPress - Are you looking for a timeless, elegant,

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Are you looking for a timeless, elegant,



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Are you looking for a timeless, elegant, and streamlined discussion board? bbPress is easy to integrate, easy to use, and is built to scale with your growing community.
bbPress is intentionally simple yet infinitely powerful forum software, built by contributors to WordPress.


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We wanted to try BBPress but we discovered quickly that it caused way too many problems with roles & permissions for the site. So we removed it.

I think a lot of cryptocurrency coins would benefit from having this sort of discussion board embedded on their sites so that their community can chat with each other.

Great app, thank you very much for sharing, have a good day and a great mood

I am prepareing for my MBA degree and in it discussion is something which is very important i will surely join it.

BbPress is a tidy and elegant discussion board. It's easy to integrate bbPress. And it's also easy to use. best hunt.

excellent hunting ..! thanks for sharing it with us..! Congratulations


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