7 undervalued hunts curated by me [2nd Jan 2019]

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Hello Guys, I hope you are doing very well and Having a Good time. Well, I am found some very cool products to boost but I got less because I wake up a bit late today that's why. I know I will get less IES today but it's okay. It was my fault & I accept it. There are around 157 hunts posted by our Smart Working Hunters and I really appreciate their effort.


So, Without making further delay. Let's jump to it-
1-Doc Interactive Talking Robot: Children from 5 years learn first programming skills

2.- :MOVE Mini Buggy Kit: A Simple Robotics Kit for Beginners

3.- Pedal Powered Water Purifier: Water purification system by utilizing Pedal Power

4.- Earnin: Access today; money you earned today

5.- Smart Pillow: Pillow that tracks your sleep habits

6.- Express Animate Software: Free Motion Graphics and Animation Software

7.- Revain: 1st Blockchain-Based Review Platform With AI Tech & Rewards

If you love reading about new invention and technologies devices then you should start from above hunts they all are great and helpful for humankind and I am damn sure you gonna enjoy.

If you have any query then feel free to discuss with me in comment.

*** Don't get Stressed, Stay Blessed. ***

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