HORSEALOT - A Community To Connect Passionate Riders

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A Community To Connect Passionate Riders



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Hello Friends;

Today I am going to talk about a very different application

  • It's a social media you can talk to and share with horse lovers from anywhere in the world.

  • Now you can talk to famous riders in this application which is 200.000 users. You can upload your favorite images and show them to other people.

  • I drop down the link to the mobile version of the app





Hunter: @alikoc07

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This community model for looking at things is surprising to me, even though they are small groups, but a larger social based model could do really well when applied to different groups and niches. I have seen riders struggle with networking, I think this could solve a problem and connect them.

Excellent hunting friend, I think it is a very useful tool for the interaction of people. Here is my opinion:


  • Amazing interface and its menu is very broad.

  • Your level of interaction between users is very high.

  • Excellent to show your incredible skills
    to take pictures


  • None for this hunt.

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Now a days we can find various application on the internet. You just need a device and internet connection and you can have your desired stuff.
This app ; HORSEALOT is bit unique one. In this app here are some points which make the difference:

  • Social Media Based app
  • Animal lovers can connect
  • Horse lovers can discuss on various matters
  • Someone can find his favorite rider here through this app and can talk
  • Here horse lovers can get advises
  • This could be a great addition in the market of IT.


After using this app I will must share the cons if I found. Thanks!

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