Wildfire Detection System - Forest fire detection/alert sensor-powered system

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Wildfire Detection System

Forest fire detection/alert sensor-powered system



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[image1 source - video below]
This is another wildfire detection/alert system.
The basic idea is to prevent the occurrence of large scale fires rather than to fight them.
This system is a fully automated complex of hardware (robots with sensors that detect fog and fire) and software which allows robots to transmit their data to the center and alert the people who make decisions.

It's powered by wind and solar energy and has a battery with energy enough to power the system for 5 days.

at five kilometres our robots can detect fires as small as two square meters




Hunter: @alexbiojs


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This is a tool that is very suitable for a country that has a forest area, I see in my own country (Indonesia) we have 4 provinces in emergency fire alert. Implementing this system is one of the major countermeasures when a fire occurs. This is great hunt, keep up your great hunt @alexbiojs

This technology is awesome, I totally agree that prevention is crucial in the problem of wildfire. Great hunt, thank you for sharing. Steem on!

Great hunt. With so many wildfire i incidents in the newa lately, and probably many unreported, this is a much needed tool. Saw something like this a month or 2 ago as well.


yes, it's actually the third forest fire protection system i've published here (or maybe someone else too) : ).

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With the recent loss of lives and properties to wildfires, this product what a lot of forest manager needs. Even though I still believe that the best way to manage wildfire is to prevent it and prevention can be done by not allowing fuels to accumulate within forests. It is called prescribed burnings. That does not take anything away from this awesome hunt anyway. Kudos!


I agree, I guess it is also useful to educate people so that they won't left campfire or cigarette after camping or something. thanks )

I remember back then you hunted forest fire protection, and now you hunt another awesome hunt.

..(robots with sensors that detect fog and fire)..

I think this robot should have another capability like detecting heat as well or perhaps heat for some reason disabled from this robot. Who knows :D


yes, it's actually the third forest fire protection system i've published here ). thank you )

This is very useful especially these days that we always experience freaking hot temperature. Thanks for sharing

:thumbsup: Boosted by @calprut :innocent:

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "COOL". So i decided to give support:point_left:

ofcourse we need it to guard our forest. Faster reaction means less trees will be burn.

It is a complex sensor system that prevents forest fires that damage the environment. With this system, taking care of the forests of accidents or malicious people is easier. Any product that helps the environment is welcome.

It can be really useful to countries that suffering from wild fires! We need something like that here in Greece , because every summer we suffer from the fires.
Good hunt!

Are you kidding me right now? Has a battery that can power it for 5days? And then it can be powered with solar and wind??

My oh my... I so much love this

oww, very nice innovation. I think it will safe our life and environment. very nice hunt my friend @alexbiojs

This fire detector is good, useful for environments or countries with lots of forests to detect fire hotspots, nice hunts.

We see so many forest fires in some countries. Wilfire Detection System may be a useful way to prevent them. Thanks for sharing this cool hunt.

I feel myself sorry for animals, forests, people, when I saw a forest fire. I am happy to see a hunt for being alerted for forest fires. Great hunt.

this lovely wildfire detection system that can help to prevent fire outbreak which could have put our life in a danger,this is a great device and i must say kudos to the developers..

Impressive monitoring application for our nature, we can now check the situation on our surrounding. Thanks for sharing @alexbiojs!


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Are you kidding me right now? Has a battery that can power it for 5days? And then it can be powered with solar and wind??

My oh my... I so much love this

5 km is a great range to detect fire as small as 2 sq. Meter.
A great innovative system. 👍👍👍👍

Wildfire Detection System is a brilliant idea to detect the any coming harm in the form of fire or fog. It can easily detect up to 5 kilometers and run by wind and solar energy simultaneously. Battery power can remain stable for 5 days after the fully charged. Quite impressive and welfare idea for the masses.

Great Hunt :)

One best way to monitor our nature, thanks for this app. we can now able to respond fast as soon as there will be a wild fire.Cool!