Litum RTLS Employee Tracking - Safety improvement for workers (miner..). Internet of People

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Litum RTLS Employee Tracking

Safety improvement for workers (miner..). Internet of People



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[image1 source - video below]

This is a GPS system for your facility, whether it is a mine or something else.
RTLS stands for Real-Time Location System.
It's a complex of hardware and software which allows you to keep track your employees.
Of course it can be used not only to improve the safety on your facility but for other purposes as well (you can get notified if someone is going there he/she isn't supposed to be)
If there's an accident (for example a miner get hit by something and blacked out (so that he is inactive for a long time)) on the facility you will be notified about it.

Another useful feature is that

Our readers include a backup battery that lasts for 12 hours – keeping the system active without external power.
[source - second image link]


monitors every person’s location with sub-meter accuracy
[source - product link]

I can't say if these badges are safe



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I'm not sure in the correctness of the product name but "Litum Employee Tracking RTLS System" doesn't fit into the "Name of Product" section of the Steemhunt form due to the characters number limit.