McMoney - Get paid for receiving text messages on your mobile phone

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Get paid for receiving text messages on your mobile phone



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Many of us have been searching for some free ways to earn money online. But they end up with many fake apps and website. McMoney is an app for earning the real money without doing anything. You only have to receive messages on your cellphone and that's it.

You don't need to keep those messages in your storage, you can immediately delete them.

How do I earn money?
All you need to do in order to start receiving money is to install the McMoney app and verify your phone number. Once you start receiving the test messages, you don't need to take any further action. Just keep the app on your device and check how much money you’ve earned from time to time.

More Faq's can be found here.



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I am honestly impressed. Although the text messages are slow to obtain to $6 worth, I ended up with $6.04 and they actually sent it to my pay pal account so this is a legit company

I install McMoney in my mobile phoneand wait for the message. Thanks for shareing.

Very, very slow income stream, but it's not a job. You're getting paid to receive the occasional text message. The app made it pretty clear it's not meant to pay the bills or anything like that. I'm using it to add to my savings.

I love this app. I received my first payment 1 week ago. Its so easy, just to keep the app on your phone that all it takes.


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Quite a good concept, and unlike the horde of questionable apps out there, THIS ONE ACTUALLY WORKS! Would be great if test message frequency was increased

This app is cool that I can get paid for receiving text messages. I am going to see how cool this is. Thank you.

You wanna earn easy mone. I think yes because i want for that check the Mcmoney. You need download the Mcmoney and they will send you the mesaj. No need to put in your store yoıu can delete. If they will pay the safety money it is good product. Thanks for hunt.

A different alternative program to make money from your mobile phone. You can start with McMoney to install the app and verify your phone number. You will receive messages in sequence and you will earn money. Nice way.

McMoney may be useful to earn money by my mobile phone. Sure I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

I got big bucks and I cannot lie, you other Mc's can't deny, I'm cool and I'm fresh i'm dope it's MC money in the house. Kind of curious though how this works though slow to earn money but do nothing and get paid guess it's fair :P

You must be kidding me, just so simple to earn money. Installing McMoney app and receive messages to earn money. My, only concern is that they would share our number with third parties and don't know how many messages per day we would be getting. Would, be nice if we have a spare number and not using it on daily basis, install the McMoney app on this to earn some passive income. Great Hunt.


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making money passively with text messages
free app
easy to use
you can delete the messages right away and still get paid

you may get tired of all these text messages!