MultiCard - Titanium Everyday Carry Credit-Card Multi-Tool

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Titanium Everyday Carry Credit-Card Multi-Tool



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Hello friends, today I have brought a new product for you. It makes us work better. Because you can use it at home or office. You work every day You can easily use it. This is the best thing. That has made its design very spectacular. It acts like a multicard. I can improve my work if I get this multicard. I will get good success from it. It is coming soon in the market. You can buy it instantly. And you can improve the work

  1. It has 21 tools in multicard.
  2. It is made of shiny transition metal.
  3. They do not spoil with water.
    Includes 7 standard drill sizes fitting 7/16 inch (11.1 mm)


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That is one great tool that can last long time. Te best part is that you can carry it anywhere in your pocket or wallet. It is very cheap and looks great. Imagine opening a bottle with a card out of your wallet compared to a traditional opener. The design itself is really impressive. These guys know what they are doing:

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Com on... I have backed (and actually received) a better project than this one...

Plus, who goes to the middle of nowhere using a tool like this to do what? design? build a house? Seriously...

Coming soon to the market? I thought I've seen this somewhere in an online store. I don't really understand what it does, but I love the idea of a multicard - acting more like a credit card would definitely be awesome.

yeah, i think i have already seen something like this online/in the market.

how are hunts like this even approved. neither tech, nor any design improvement to solve a big problem. and your hunter description is so lame!

Completely agree. Today I was desperately trying to find a good hunt to satisfy my hunger... but it's getting hard nowadays (I am in this since the beginning and it was not like this). People just post anything they find... no research, nothing... I seriously will try to find something and do a hunt to evaluate how dishonest things are getting.

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