Gauss - An AI-Enabled Platform for Surgery

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An AI-Enabled Platform for Surgery



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Hunter's comment

“Gauss” is an AI enabled platform which have great tools to deal with of those tools is called the “Triton” ..the triton do actually make use of the iPad to be able to actually monitor all the blood loss that occurred from all the digital images of the sponges and also the canisters, with the actual aim of actually improving the obstetrical safety, helping to actually reduce unnecessary transfusion, and also able to really prevent the retained sponges...the “ Triton” is actually FDA cleared and it is CE marked and it has actually been really adopted by more than over fifty hospitals who do actually perform over two hundred thousand surgical procedures every year...let me also inform you that the “ Triton” actually received an Apple Design Award in 2018, an award which actually recognizes all the best in design, in innovation and also in technology available on Apple platforms…


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