iHealth Track - New Blood Pressure Monitor

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iHealth Track

New Blood Pressure Monitor


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Hunter's comment

Hey guys today I want to share again one So good product.That's name iHealth Track.It can monitor blood pressure with good system easily.Just need to click in one bottom. Also this monitor Clinically validated.Its FDA approved by FDA.Its have so good feature.
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  • This is with LCD screen we can see easily.
  • Its have bluetooth system.
  • also its have battery system.
  • Can share heart rate trends deatils with doctor using this.

Its have also one awesome own app you can easily connect with that's.




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First of all i think this is a budget-friendly blood pressure monitor.I love this device. I try to monitoring my Blood Pressure after my exercise and aslo when i wish.Very friendly to use.Some feature like Bluetooth and led screen is really awesome. What a great hunt dear !!!

People who have too high or low blood pressure usually have to take care of their blood pressure. To do this, they take blood pressure pills and combine various diets and exercise. It is likely to be convenient because high blood pressure person or elderly people can often measure blood pressure using the device. Perhaps using this device to manage blood pressure will help their health because they can know their physical condition. Thank you for hunting good products.

Blood pressure problem is very common all over the world and it is very important to keep patient or his attendant alert all the time. Now there are so many devices and apps due to latest technology for monitoring blood pressure. It is very easy now to check by self and take medicine according to behavior of symptoms. @afrinsultana you hunted a very useful product "iHealth Track" which has a latest technology to check and monitor blood pressure precisely.

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Amazing device to monitor blood pressure. Everyone can use it at home. I want to buy it because I think its price is cheap, just $34.99 .
Thanks for sharing

Hypertension is one of the most common issues. The best way to encounter blood pressure is to keep in check with monitoring system. The monitoring system should be easy to use and gives accurate reading. Thanks to iHealth tracks which provides an easy solution. Great hunt

I don't have hypertension but my mother and elder brother have. Every time I go for annual medical checkup, the doctor would say it is still good to have a monitoring tool at home because once hypertension is in the family, it can happen to any of the members. This iHealth Track seems to be a good device at least for my mother and brother, specially that it is FDA approved.

Wao what a great and helpful hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect produuct for us. Blood pressure problem is very coommon all in the world. This device helps you to check you blood pressure anytime anywhere. Blood presure patients almost one time a day check his blood pressure. Technology helps you to spend your life become more easy. Technology going to much faster day by day. Hopefully affordable price of this device. Every patient very easy to purchase it. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Helpful device that monitor the blood pressure in a seconds.
LCD screen with digital number are perfect figure to show the blood pressure in accurate way.
Great hunt

In modern world people are suffering from there are so many illnesses and the high/low blood pressure is one of them. This helpful device allows you to frequently monitor blood pressure at home. It is easy to use just need to wear it in upper arm and click single button to measure the BP.
Nice hunt

I think that electronic blood pressure metrics it’s not so good because I think giving more high than the analogically but this looking interesting, I wanna try it and for sure I will give you a feedback, thanks a lot great hunt

@afrinsultana, this looks like a neat little gadget to check our blood pressure as it has more than what the other devices offer. I like the feature of the LCD screen there that makes it easy to read especially when you will be using this monitoring system at least twice a day for the elderlies. With today's technology it even has the bluetooth feature which is convenient. Great hunt.

Of course you have to appreciate that a very important product is an important trucking device which is really very useful in the direction of our health, a very important blood pressure checking device which will certainly play a very important role. Thank you for presenting you such a beautiful Health Tracking Monitor. Using it we can easily find our shaws Blood pressure is an important part of it can be controlled easily, we thank you once again

BLood presser is a real killing disease we should triggered it on right time now a day diabetes and blood presser are killing many peoples so this device will help many patients.

This is something I could definitely use as I have low blood pressure which is making my life harder. I love this device because it's not for the wrist but it has to be applied to the arm and makes the measuring more precise. Looks like it's very easy to use and the fact that can communicate through bluetooth is excellent. Nice hunt!

Amazing blood pressure monitor. With this, anyone could easily monitor their blood pressure and know when its up or down. It will help all to keep it at a good level.

cool hunt afrin yep blood pressure is most common disease these day almost every 2nd peson is victim of this so for that they really need to keep track their BP it would be great for them at least no need to visit doctor again n again

This iHealth blood pressure monitor is very convenient, easy to use and connected with the dedicated iHealth application which can also be coupled with the Apple Health app. Reliable data if the cuff is correctly placed. It remains to test its longevity ...

  • Affordable price
  • Data screen with color results
  • Application to export data


  • No live connection with the smartphone during the measurement
  • Measuring a little long

A nice blood pressure measuring device. Reasonably good display, with the best thing is the option to share the measurement with your doctor for analysis and continuous monitoring.
Superb hunt!!!

It's an amazing product for every blood pressure patient. It's a disease is so common problem nowadays. I am so happy to see it. I think it's great to help the patient.

Does Arrhythmia Determine? What is the error? Checked on an electronic / mechanical / mercury tonometer? And the doctor would listen))). 138 at such a young age is bad. Either the school of the tonometer (which is more likely), or you are hypertensive.

This is device is for every home, because blood pressure is a remote causes of dangerous diseases and it need to be constantly monitor. The device is cheap and affordable.

This is very useful for all people to check blood pressure and heart rate conditions.Everybody need to use this product for health.This is one of the best devices for our daily health checker.It is very easy to use and efficient.I had also one but not same brand device.I like it very much.Your post is a great of steemhunt.

Firstly I thank you very much because it is very useful for my family . It helps us very much . You find very good hunt and I really appreciate this . I waiting such this hunt . Especially it very helpful for my father . So I need this .


You would have pulled on his leg! On the cuff there is a drawing on how to correctly position the device. Even the box shows the correct location of the device.

Great hunt! This type of products is health caring to track and monitor the blood pressure easily within your home no need to go to the doctor. it has also good features like Bluetooth system and sharing the result with doctor

this is another great invention by the technology. I check out the product & it has a cool feature & the most important thing is it's very easy to use. great hunt friend.

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