ALAT - Open an ALAT account from your phone with your BVN and phone

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Open an ALAT account from your phone with your BVN and phone



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Did you know you can open Alat account from your phone using your phone number and BVN without physically going yo the bank to fill a long pile if papers? Alat account reduces your stress and help you save easily. With it, you get an automated saving plans which helps you earn 10% annual interest.

You cards for the account are delivered to you free of charge

Pick one of three bank card designs and we'll deliver yours to you in two business days, anywhere in Nigeria, at no cost.

You can also assess short term loan, convert naira to dollars and make payments online if you choose.

My Opinion About The App

  • Banking and saving with utmost convenience.
  • All facets of banking packed in one account


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A great financial service for Nigerians. Thanks for being it to steemhunt and given it the needed visibility for Nigerians in the steem blockchain



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