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A Smart · Simple · Quick App / Web Development Feedback



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This is a feedback tool that takes only a few minutes to communicate to you how your page should look.

Afit isn't only meant for application feedback. You can also give quick feedback by taking a photo with your phone and uploading it to afit.

With it, your desired app screens which you have photographed can be synced to the web in real-time.

My Opinion About The App
Feedback is good for any business. An app that makes it easy to get, manage and help you communicate your need is a great innovation.


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remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

some power tips for the next hunt.. .

  • use animated gifs up to 5mb
  • quote some of the text using > arrow
  • write your opinions about the product
  • comment pro and cons on other hunts
  • upvote and resteem your favs of the day
  • write a blog post about your top 5/10/25 :)

A business that has a feedback mechanism Is one that will thrive and become larger over time. Thanks for bringing to us this AFIT app. I'll definitely use it



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