Tero - Transforms food waste into rich fertilizing powder

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Transforms food waste into rich fertilizing powder



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It is a smart kitchen appliance that significantly reduces the amount of household food waste. It transforms the food waste into rich fertilizing powder without any odor.

Users can put all types of food waste into the machine including animal based food waste & the resulting rich home made fertilizer is great for their garden and plants.

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In my view organic waste is full of nutrients & it should be recycled instead of sent to landfills.




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So that food waste could be used in soil to grow plenty of veggies? This would be awesome even no one liked to keep wet garbage in the basket for more than a day due to its specific odor. NICE SHARING!

Nice utilization of food waste. It will help to grow more food. without the use of chemical/commercial fertilizer.


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I really like this product because lot of people waste food daily . But now Tero Is easy way to making food and recycling waste. It is transform waste food in to recycle fertilising powder. Nice hunt

Awesome! You can now recycle organic waste to turn it into fertilizer and grows organic vegetables right in your house lawn.

very impressive, now we can take benefits of our wasted foods.
This video will help others to understand the project

Innovative products like this are going to help us a lot, to grow our own vegetable. Its a cool product, that is why its over pledged already.


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