Stop venting frustration here on my hunt. You are acting like you have made this product and or maker.

I used Kickstarter link that wasn't picked by auto link detector. I didn't know it was already hunted.

And also if you are trying to be a moral teacher and want people to behave like gentlemen, try to learn some decency first yourself.

Report this link to where it deserves to be reported. I mean at discord channel. And report all those people who are involved in shameful heinous act of circle voting.

Stop shouting & i think you are over reacting too much seems like you and your circle voters does this deliberately & by the way it's not my duty to delist or report hunts neither i have time to do such activities. Your comment and act proves that truth is a bitter medicine & you are only here to fulfill your own greed rather than making steemhunt a better place for everyone.

You are nobody to comment on my hunt post and tell me what is right or wrong let alone accusing any person without concrete proof. You are passing your own judgment without any solid base. This shows your pathetic mentality!

I was perfectly cool and tell you the "bitter truth" of what should you do to save this platform from abusers. Read that comment objectively without the effects of bitter truth about you.

@kamchore, @mobi72 and all who voted for my post are fairest among all hunters.

I am wondering why am I arguing with a person whose judgment is so impaired to see who is actually abusing the system.

Ok calm down i don't have any personal issues with you. I just want you to hunt cool and quality products not duplicates therefore i able to upvote them in future. Cheers

Hi, brother! you were giving me lectures. Now what happened to your favorite "adding value to SH platform and making it better" mantra? Just a food for thought nothing grudges. You know what I am talking about. Stay happy and stay blessed.

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