Eleksdraw Pro - 2 Axis XY Plotter Pen Drawing Robot

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Eleksdraw Pro

2 Axis XY Plotter Pen Drawing Robot



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Hunter's comment

This drawing machine is completely made of metal material & cool thing is that you can also equip laser module in it for laser engraving.

You can also fix pretty much any kind of pen in the device & it can draw anything which you tell it to draw, it basically use a print media which a normal printer can't, so you can use things like markers, paint pens etc.

It can print directly onto things but won't go through a printer, so you can use it for marking out parts directly on metals or you can use it for customizing things or you can even draw directly on laptops and lots more.

It also comes with elekscam software which is a modeling and control solution for this device & you can do piccarve textcarve and lots more through this software.


Signing diplomas & other certificates
Addressing envelops and boxes
Computer generated artwork
Writing signatures
Technical drawings

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Hunter: @adnanrabbani


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Hi, @adnanrabbani you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • I think Eleksdraw Pro is one of the best drawing robot.
  • This drawing robot are made of all metal materials.
  • The Eleksdraw with stepper motor driving, high accuracy up to 0.1mm.
  • This drawing robot they don't have laser module, but you can equip a laser module.

Great hunt! ☺☺

Thank you very much for the nice review.

Architecture will love this tool because it is very efficient and it will make their job easy. I wish to use this someday. Thanks for sharing

I think not only architecture it's such cool product that every single human who buy it will surely love it, imagine mass creating cool Christmas cards with this device and i am sure creator will get lots of appreciation.

Great hunt @adnanrabbani my friend.

Signing diplomas & other certificates
Addressing envelops and boxes
Computer generated artwork
Writing signatures
Technical drawings

This will help architecture in amazing way. Great work my friend.
Keep hunting great projects my friend.

Thanks your comment give me more encouragement.

So... you can NOW print your signature... everywhere.. live! LOL... no more sending stupid PDF scans... where the bank asks for a scan of your signature... of a paper that is already signed by someone...

Live Signature is a reality of crypto, why not making it more humanized! =) I might be creating a company here...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Watching the video was great and really interesting how it draxs and writes. It can draw anything you want and you can create amazing things with it. I like this very much and will search more video to look it :)

My job is not about drawing and also I am not good at drawing but Eleksdraw Pro will be very useful for the people who has an occupation with drawing. Perfect hunt.

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