Bumblebee Spaces - Motorized Space Management Below Ceilings

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Bumblebee Spaces

Motorized Space Management Below Ceilings



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Bumblebee Spaces uses motorized modules powered by smart robots and AI, to utilize otherwise unused space below ceilings for storage.

Using a companion app, users can automatically lower or raise storage containers, desks and even beds! The solution has the potential to at least double a room’s storage capacity. The app also has an ‘inventory’ management system to track items stored in individual containers for quick retrievals.

If it is elegantly designed and setup, imagine the cost optimization for storage and other uses for a room or apartment where the cost is usually calculated on per square foot or square meter of floor space.

Could be an antidote to sky high costs for tiny apartments in urban centers.

Images and video are from Bumblebee Spaces




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