BlockStudios - Is It Time to Start Your Digital Art Collection?

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Is It Time to Start Your Digital Art Collection?


Screenshot_2018-09-12 BlockStudios.png

Screenshot_2018-09-12 Miolar N Romanov by kazuto-nakazawa BlockStudios.png
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Screenshot_2018-09-12 Srowning by mame-suzuki BlockStudios.png
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Hunter's comment

BlockStudios, a creation of blockchain entertainment studio, BlockPunk, is a marketplace where fans and artists can trade limited edition digital art creations.

Each creation - the crypto collectible - is individually tagged and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

The BlockStudios ecosystem consists of the following stakeholders: the creators and the fans who makeup the community and the marketplace managed by the studio.

There is general understanding of physical art, sales of art pieces at auctions and galleries and the concept of limited prints. Many of these aspects are now being applied to limited edition crypto art where the provenance of the works is enshrined in the blockchain.

Images are from BlockStudios.



Hunter: @acdevan

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This is cool
We now have a place where fans and artist can easily have direct contact and exchange more art works.

keep hunting.


Thank you!