PARROT MKI 9000 - Safely drive, sing and use your phone

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Safely drive, sing and use your phone



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Hunter's comment

This is a bluetooth hands free device and it doesn't have a screen. It is suitable for all vehicles.
You can manage your favorite songs by it, or reply calls.
You can put it under the steering wheel or you can control by your "VOICE"
It has also a lot of functions for your address book for your phone. (You can read all of them on its official website)
All noises disappear and your conversations become clearer by its double microphone technology.
It has a special cable to adopt iPod, Walkman, iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.



Hunter: @abitbi

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Hi @abitbi,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Controlling the playlist or your calls by your voice is very important for your safety during driving. Thanks for sharing Parrot Mki 9000.


We have upvoted your post for your contribution within our community.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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