Volta Flyer - World's First Solar Powered Airplane STEM Kit for Kids!

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Volta Flyer

World's First Solar Powered Airplane STEM Kit for Kids!



Hunter's comment

Soler Power Technology is Revolutionizing the World, And to meet this revolution Toylabs Comes with this amazing kids drone, that runs on the solar system and Running time is 30 seconds, Kids can use it as racing Drone or airplane, that we use to build when we were kids. It comes with the Thin Soler Panel, It can not store the Energy but it uses to for flying. This can be a perfect Gift for kids.

Instead of being made from foam like traditional glider planes, the fuselage, wings, and other parts are actually made from an unspecified “eco-material.”

Kids Would love it for sure,

You can get it in just 39 $.




Hunter: @abdulmanan


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Definitely a good gift for my children, that would love, has a very original system and a practical design and easy to handle, also is powered by solar energy which is a saving in battery. It's great. Good hunting

This is a great hunt, its mostly useful to the kids as the Kids can use it as racing drone...

This product is very beneficial for children, they can easily design new with solar system energy. because usually I see kids like playing with toys like kites.

Exactly this is an awesome gift for children. The airplane is awesome for kids because this is a quite playable thig for babies

this is super awesome for kids, how great kids nowadays to have this option to play. my kids would just love it. its time to put down the smart phone and tabs on the games and go outdoor play this type of games . more active more fun. thanks for sharing


Solar Powered.
Elegant Design.
Fun for kids.
30 Sec air time.


I don't have any.


  • It doesn't require any special tools or glues to build the flyer, all you need is your hands.
  • It requires no battery for it operation. All you need is the sun.
  • It will help kids to learn about basic mechanical engineering, aeronautics, electronics and renewable energy.
  • It is a revolutionary design that is super-lightweight and uses an eco-friendly materials to maximize it flight time.

Great hunt 👍

Cool hunt mate,

I think this Aero place can be the one of the best gift for kids who like to fly Aeroplane, The best thing is that it is Solar powered and It can fly 30 sec, kids can do a race to have fun with this amazing hunt.


Solar Energy.
Cheap price.
30 Sec flight time.
Land Safely.



  • Pros.

Uses Sun Energy.

Fun for kids.

Less price.

Eco- Materials.

  • Cons.

no one.

It is good to see different shaped drone, Volta Flyer is a great toy for the kids. Great hunt.

Wow it's fantastic, Why i don't have it when i was a kids, we always play with hand made aero planes, even in the classes, I just love this technology. Solar System is also amazing.

Kids these days are spoiled with how many cool inventions are out there because of tech advancements. I would've loved to have had this growing up. The fact that it is cheap too is an added bonus


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