Nimbus 195 - A Virtually Indestructible Racing Drone

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Nimbus 195

A Virtually Indestructible Racing Drone



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Hunter's comment

Nimbus 195 is specially designed Carbon Fiber to give Extreme Strenght and durability. It is a racing drone. You can use it in Rain as well as in snow. During the ride, if hits something, Nothing will happen to it due to its Carbon fiber body. Due to the carbon body, it is also weightless.


  • Newest F4 flight controller
  • Powerful 2206 2300 kV motors
  • Fast Speed up to 200 km/h.
  • You can buy it in just 490$.



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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This is one of the best drones for begginer as it can't be distructed, you can throw it, drop it, step on it with a car, do whatever you want, it still works.

Great Hunt, @abdulmanan !

Gosh, this crash test was brutal but I guess they are true to what they say. Any drone fan would want their hands on this as it is so heavy duty. It has a nice name, too, it reminds me of Harry Potter's broom stick called Nimbus 2000. Hahaha! Nice find, @abdulmanan.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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@joannewong wait wait, I'm making changes, you please don't go offline.


Wow, this is fucking awesome, I Remember people saying about the landing of drones, that land slow, or you will break your done etc etc, but i think if you have this drone, you don't need to worry about this things at all, Fly at freedom.

Waoo! This is impressive Hunt👍

  • Nimbus 195 is a durable racing drone
  • It can speed-up up to 200 kh/h
  • the price is not too cost, just 490$
  • it has a nice design and
  • It is very easy to control

Nice job @abdulmanan

keep it up with good Hunts 💞

Great find. I cannot believe the durability or the price.

Wish I could have this one day!

WTF this is amazing! Shut up and take my money!


Fast Speed.
F4 controller.




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