Luci EMRG - The little thing that's ready for anything

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The little thing that's ready for anything



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I live in a country where we face Electic breakdown issues so often and it gets worst in the night when you need to go out and there is no light, even moving around your home get messy. So today I find the perfect flashlight which is solar powered and also it can be used in the rain due to it's safe shell. it can last for 7 hours after full charge contain the 365 Mah battery. To be very honest it's a small gadget but it very useful for travels also.



Hunter: @abdulmanan

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Great find. It is not uncommon for us to lose power for several days at a time. sometimes longer. This usually happens in winter when we have less daylight. A couple of these would be handy to have around. The price seems reasonable.

Hi @abdulmanan,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I guess its going to be very useful for the people who enjoy camping as well. :)

nice hunt.

Very well done job my friend @abdulmanan. Great hunt.

Wish you great success here on steemhunt.
Keep hunting amazing products.


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