EXO360 - A Drone With 5 Cameras

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A Drone With 5 Cameras



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Nowadays Everyone wants to get the best Drone and there are hundreds of drones available in the market, so it is very difficult to choose one, But today I'm here to solve your this problem and I'm here to introduce you all with one of my favorite and of the best drone I have ever seen. It EXO 360 which has Five Cameras to record 360 Degree video. Some features are given below.


  • 18 Minutes Flight Time.
  • 16 Mp Camera.
  • VR headset Compatible.
  • 5 Cameras.

Price is just 149$.





Hunter: @abdulmanan


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Hi @abdulmanan, another great product that you are hunting, this drone seems very cool.
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Shoot standard non 360 video using one of the 5 cameras on board, giving plenty of options as to what direction we want to shoot in.Thats amazing

This drone for aerial photography seems hard to beat.

  • High def cameras
  • Good flight time
  • Looks easy to use and control
  • Inexpensive as drones with cameras go.
  • Even with 18 minutes flight time it seems you'll have to have your plan mapped out to be done in that timeframe.

Overall pretty cool.

never seen drones with 5 cameras. Good flight time with 360 degree video along good quality video is all what we need. Really nice to see such drone which helps to capture different scenarios

Hi @abdulmanan,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Great hunt @abdulmananThis is an amazing drone. Never heard of drone that have five Cameras to record 360 Degree video. Furthermore with 16mp. Just simply amazing!

Yeah, as you said there are so many drones, but having 5 cameras is good enough to buy it. 149 $ is quite affordable for it. Great hunt.

I tried a VR video which is taken with a similar drone and it was really exciting to watch it with VR. This drone gives you the possibility to make your own videos with its 360 degree feature thanks to 5 cameras. Price is really good for this product.

Great! Drones are now part of our lives. We use them for so many purposes. With five Cameras to record 360 Degree video, this would serve as alternative to having many drones!

360 degree videos and compatible with VR technology makes it more quality. With this features and 5 camera this price is really good. Thanks for this awesome drone


5 Cameras.
16 Mp Camera.
VR Compatible.
18 Minute Flight Time.



If you want a regular drone, with 5 cameras one is very suitable if you like taking photographs etc. Thanks for sharing.

That's an incredible piece of tech a 360 degree drone camera will plays a vital role in the modern world because it does not require much manpower and capture everything on its own without any one's presence at the instant spot. Super hunt.

The drone with 360 camera helps to capture a lot of details as it moves.

Great Hunt!

Great find. I am fascinated by the new drone technology for personal use. Now they have added VR. All at an affordable price.


yes, it is affordable, I think you can add this too in your list ;)

Looks like a cool hunt, I'd like to give it a try.

  • Pros.

360 Recording Technology.

Good flight Time.

VR Technology.

Cheap in price.

  • Cons.


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