Ducati Monster 797 - Monster Bike

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Ducati Monster 797

Monster Bike



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Hunter's comment

Hello Bike lowers!
I'm here again with an awesome Bike which is Ducati Monster 797, It is a real beast having 73 hp (54 kW). It is specially designed to give the comfortable and speedy ride.

The design of the Monster 797, elegant and muscular, perfectly integrates the wide handlebar, tank, trellis frame, engine and double-sided swingarm. An agile and dynamic line that transmits sportiness and instils confidence right from first glance: a compact, sports design that is unmistakeably Monster.


  • Brembo braking system
  • Comfortable Seats.
  • 10-spoke light alloy wheels.




Hunter: @abdulmanan


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Hi @abdulmanan,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed it and here’s hoping you’re not just going to go through the whole product catalogue of bike and car manufacturers, right?

I’ve approved it though. The hunt is on.

Nice Hunt, Hunter.

It's true that it's stylish and powerful but i think their is no way a second person going to sit on it because it's chain is wide open therefore it is extremely dangerous it might end up eating cloth or foot of the person who sits on back seat, i don't see any build in place for the footrest too therefore i prefer more conventional bikes over ducati monster 797. Thanks for the hunt though.

I really like this motorcycle, its design is quite beautiful, minimalist but well done, it meets all the expectations and its performance is formidable, without a doubt an excellent hunting.

Awesome hunt

Believe me i was checking its features and cost few hours ago and i find it catchy . i am planning to get a bike and i think i should take it into consideration as well.

Wow it is an amazing and Incredible Hunt. I really like it


1- It is a genuine brute having 73 hp (54 kW). It is uncommonly intended to give the agreeable and rapid ride.
2- The standard gear of the Monster 797 incorporates: Bosch ABS, LED position light and tail light, USB control attachment.
3- The Monster 797 has a 43 mm measurement Kayaba fork with a 125 mm wheel travel at the front.
4- The Monster 797 is furnished with a Brembo slowing mechanism, fitted as standard with Bosch 9.1 MP ABS framework with inside weight sensor.
5- The plan of the Monster 797, exquisite and strong, consummately incorporates the wide handlebar, tank, trellis edge, motor and twofold sided swingarm. A nimble and dynamic line that transmits energy and imparts certainty ideal from first look: a minimal, sports outline that is unmistakeably Monster.


1- None

In love this Mike because of its fastness. This bike really got me. The design is just so cool

Great Hunt @abdulmanan. It looks is amazing. I want to ride this awesome bike with my girlfriend. Thank you for sharing this cool BIKE.

I love motorcycles and nothing better than a ducati its beauty and its motor is what makes this bike have so many followers and so many pemios in the races

Brembo braking >systemComfortable Seats.10->spoke light alloy wheels.

  • Pros.


STylish Design.

Brembo braking system.

Comfortable ride.

  • Cons.
    No one.

Cool Hunt Mate!

This bike is best for bike lover like me, I love to drive fast and this bike is 73 hp , what else you want? Comfortable to drive, Brembo braking system to save you from accidents to happen.

I am a motorcycle lover and I fell in love with Ducati Monster 797. It looks marvellous for me. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.


Power Brakes.
Stylish Look.
Alloy wheels.
75 Horse Power.



Amazing BIKE, it looks is awesome. I like this style. I wait for your next great hunt.

Fast, sleek design and eye catching for sure. I'd say for the experienced rider with all that power. Really nice though!

This super cool is this motorcycle.


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