Doing It Right - App for impaired person to test their hearing

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Doing It Right

App for impaired person to test their hearing


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Hunter's comment

The purpose of developing this app is to test the hearing capacity of impaired persons and also for those who are taking treatment and how their treatment is doing.


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Making blind people do everything on their own is just great. Soon there will be nothing they couldn't do with all this hi tech available.

Very useful to manage lots of things in daily life for impaired people

Wonderful hunt I would say because its helpful to make life easy.

Wonderful hunt I
Would say because its helpful
To make life easy.

                 - mukund123

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

oh, thats an amazing find man, it's a gift for those who are having hearing problem, they can diagnose it and see what level are they on.

Most older people who suffer hearing loss find it hard to tell they're going deaf - they just think everyone is talking very softly. Nice to find an app that can objectively measure hearing loss.

I haven't seen such kind of app which can test the hearing ability of Human beings. Those who are struggling with hearing problem and treating this kind of problem this app can be a blessing for them

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