The Loon System - Balloon Powered Internet

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The Loon System

Balloon Powered Internet



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Yesterday I have posted a telecom tower which flies in the air and provides the telecom signals to the masses. Today I am here with a balloon which delivers the internet connectivity while staying in the air. It is really helpful to those areas where internet connectivity is a major issue. Many rural areas can benefit from it and enjoy the basic need of today's age.

Loon has taken the most essential components of a cell tower and redesigned them to be light and durable enough to be carried by a balloon 20 km up, on the edge of space. Loon balloons are designed and manufactured to endure the harsh conditions in the stratosphere, where winds can blow over 100 km/hr, and temperatures can drop as low as -90° C.

It has a balloon and the flight equipment. The flight equipment is powered by the solar energy for the daytime and an onboard battery serves the nighttime.



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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Good hunt! Solid use case for villages or hard to reach places where tower reach isn't there and construction of towers can be uneconomical. And in today's day and age, everyone should have the option to connect to the internet.


  • Can provide internet to very rural areas.
  • Can perform similar tasks as a cell tower but the mobile balloon has some design advantages.
  • Can endure harsh elements.


  • None.


  • Great way to connect the world together.
  • It's not very expensive
  • Solar powered
  • No need to build powerful on ground infrastucture


  • None

After searching this product i asked by myself can it be used in a city as a delivery of free internet? If this baloon makes it possible it could be great solution. I like the engineering behind it and also they use solar power in day time and battery for nights. Great idea and i like this ver much. Thanks for sharint it with us

Pros: innovative concept, solar powered, no need to build expensive infrastructure.
Cons: none but maybe not okay (only with the onboard battery) on rainy days...?

Thanks for sharing your nice hunt!

It will be great to have internet connection at all areas around the world by the Loon System. Great hunt.


  • LATEST technology.
  • Cover upto 20 km.
  • Work where Temperature drop to -90° C..
  • Soler Power.


  • Not found any.
  • Pros.

Good quality.

Easy to setup.

Solar powered.

Very long range

  • Cons.

No one.


20 km up is a Long range.
Can service Hard condition.
Flight Equipment.
Solar Charge.



Projects like this are vital to the future. We need to see the other 3.5 billion people get online. This will put more power in the hands of the populous as long as we keep decentralizing.

this is certainly the future. I hope it is developed and popularized soon so that towers are not required overall

I have never had internet connection problem but I am sure there are some regions all over the world, that people don't have internet connection and they need. It will be a great development for these regions. (Maybe for aircrafts it would be helpful but most of the long-haul aircrafts have internet connection) Great hunt.

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