Rapid Liquid Printing - The future of 4D design

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Rapid Liquid Printing

The future of 4D design



Hunter's comment

We have been seeing many hunts with 3D printing. Here I come up with the 4D printing. This product is designed in collaboration with MIT's Self-Assembly Lab, Christophe Guberan and Steelcase.

It is a big breakthrough in the 3D printing industry as it has overcome it with 4D printing.

Compared with other techniques we believe this is the first development to combine industrial materials with extremely fast print speeds in a precisely controlled process to yield large-scale products.

Rapid Liquid Printing is a solution to many issues being faced in the 3D printing. Those issue has been mentioned at the product link.

Watch the video below for the complete understanding.




Hunter: @aamirijaz


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Very interesting and intriguing hunt, @aamirijaz. It would reduce the printing time as well. Even though it has adopted the basic ideology from the classic molding techniques, it is definitely a breakthrough in printing.

This is so cool. First time I heard about 4D printing. Great hunt, @aamirijaz

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Hey nice to see your this great hunt.This is so usefull product.I just love to read this. its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.i want to see more thats type product

keep it up

First time to see such a thing. Very interesting tech. Rapid liquid printing seems like a solution for big scale printing and a fast one.

This absolutely breathtaking and amazing, It's good to see how well the world has advanced technologically, and such an innovation like this would make things pretty much easier. Great hunt.

Just new to this one. First time to hear 4d printing. I think this is a nice idea. Great use for the businesses. Thanks for sharing :)

Wow, this is an incredible printer that gives us a great quality of printing, in addition to the fact that prints in all kinds of forms at a speed and scale much better than any 3D printer that currently exists.

It is nice to see a 4D one after seeing so many 3D. Rapid Liquid Printing is great. Thanks for sharing.

To say this is amazing is the least. 3d printing was great, now 4d liquid printing? The world is fast evolving and so is technology. Great hunt

Wow! I'm not an expert on 3D printing, but this looks to take it to a whole new level. This could be a real game-changer.

Even though 3D has gained in popularity, I've been surprised it's not taken-off to the degree many thought. One of the things holding it back, from what I can see, is the slow print times. People want fast results - regardless of how unrealistic that is.

But this would seem to change all that. I'd expect this to be super-expensive at the moment when compared to "traditional" 3D printing, but as prices come down, it should certainly take the game to another level.

It doesn't look like this machine was meant for regular consumers. I think the target is to get more industrial users into 3D printing. Nonetheless, it's another great innovation for the technology. The fact that you can print furniture that you can actually use in your home using rapid liquid printing is great. Nice find.

I think this is a very great hunt @aamirijaz! This will produce massive opportunities for individuals and small businesses in the market. I am just concerned how much it would cost. How much will it be? Any ideas?

Great find. Facinating

This really is the biggest deal in printing...4d printing would be so cool

why is it called 4D printing?

What a fascinating product, this is a breakthrough in technology.


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