LumiPocket LT - More than a 3D Printer, a Personal Fabricator

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LumiPocket LT

More than a 3D Printer, a Personal Fabricator



Hunter's comment

Today I have hunted a trio of 3D printing, laser engraving, and PCB etching. It is known as LumiPocket LT. It uses Ultra Violet laser for 3D printing.

You need to run their software and import your 3D model into it. Save the model into SD card and put that SD card into the LumiPocket which will do the job next itself.

It also comes with laser engraving and PCB etching. The process is same as of 3D printing. It can engrave known image formats.

It uses only 5W power and weighs less than 2Kgs.

So I think it is a great piece of tech to be in your bag and house.

It is completely autonomous, so after you have created a printing / engraving / etching job with our software, you can simply insert the SD card into the LumiPocket LT and it will do all the rest, turning off after the work is done.

Here, you can see 3D model of the printer:



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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Hi @aamirijaz,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Laser Printing.
Software Enabled.
Less Power Consumption.



  • Pros.
More than 3D printer..
Less power use..
Cheap price.
  • Cons
No one.

Pros. Solar powered.
Multi ports. Heavy power.
Cheap price. Cons No one.

                 - sneakin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello, @aamirijaz thanks for your hunt.

• 3D and Fast
• PCB Etching machine

Great Hunt!

Impressive hunt.

I love the 3D technology, it's just the start, we are going to take it to next level, i have heard there will be a technology that will be allow us to build home, looking forward for it.


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