Holovect - It draws objects in air with light

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It draws objects in air with light



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The Holovect is a holographic technology which shows images and shapes in the shape of light. Its images are volumetric vectors and not the traditional holograms.

You can create a shape and image by putting a list of 3D coordinates which can be drawn at spreadsheets or graph papers. Then load the files for pre-visualization before you 3D print it.

Other applications include the visualization of 3D data acquired through a 3D scanner, or a computed tomography scan. Commercial applications could also include advertising and branding.




Hunter: @aamirijaz


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Great hunt @aamirijaz!

Looks nice and fun, hopefully this will develop over the years and who knows we might get a starter kit for kids.

Cool hunt mate.

Wow, what a technology. Now we have a printer that can draw objects in the air with light, It will best for presentation purposes to show people the product that is necessary to show.


Draw objects in the air.
3D images.
Easy to use.
3D printing.


no one.


  • Draws objects in the light
  • Create images through 3D coordinates
  • Uses Volumetric Vector Technology


  • I don't have any

It is amazing to see drawn objects in air with light, this green light is always very suitable for these kinds of shows. Perfect hunt.

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Holovect is not "holographic technology". It states in the kickstarter link, "Holovect images are NOT holograms but instead volumetric vector images projected onto modified air (i.e. projections in space)." In order to be a holographic technology proper the image created must consist of interference patterns.


You are right it is not holographic technology but it is Holographic Vector Display.

This is really a cool gadget i have a fantasy about these kind of 3D objects which really helps my students in understanding physics,you brought my fantasy into reality,Thank you so much friend.


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