Asimov Self-Driving Car - Building a Better Driver

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Asimov Self-Driving Car

Building a Better Driver



Hunter's comment

Asimov is a self-driving car which is a Level 4 autonomous. It is developed by Torc Robotics.

They have been working on this vehicle since 2007 and their decade full of efforts has given Asimov as a fruit of their hard work. They have explored the corner cases and have put themselves into the dangers the humans face while they are at the road.

They have been testing vehicles for very challenging scenarios and also improving the dangers.

We believe in controlling the full software stack, always using raw, unprocessed sensor data and a mix of sensor technologies, including lidar, radar, vision (cameras), and others.

Asimov in testing:

Have a look at the corner cases:



Hunter: @aamirijaz

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Wow this will be like ghost rider inside the car...creepy. Anyway, great hunt @aamirijaz

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Wonderful! Another self driving car i am seeing of @steemhunt in few days. 11 years of hard work to make this a reality is really commendable. Hopefully, it will serve the purpose very well. Nice product hunt!

It has been being worked since 2007 and I am sure Asimov will be very successful. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

Cool hunt mate.

To be Very honest I'm the Person Who don't know how to drive :P hahaha , and That is I can easily say this car is Specially built for me :P I just need to sit in and It will take me to my destination.

What a technology sir. I do not know what will be the future of this self drive car, but its really a high level technology if safe. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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Great innovation of science hunter @aamirijaz , many extra features in this car but I like the features self driving features if the car journey is safe

Great name for a robot car


Beautiful Design.
Easy to use.
Self Driving.




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The idea of me reading or watching something on a device or even sleeping while on my way somewhere is , well, tempting to say the least but wouldn't they have to do away with the hands free laws they're passing :) How safe are these in reality? One is putting their lives in mechanical hands right?